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Apple MacWorld 2008 Awesomeness


I watched the Stevenote last night, and as usual Steve Jobs unveiled some new hardware and software from Apple.

The biggest thing was of course the MacBook Air, it really is an awesome little computer (SSD FTW!), and I completely agree with Wil Shipleys comments, I have just about the same attitude with computers nowadays.

It was also interesting to see that Apple had realized that the Apple TV wasn’t what people wanted, and that they’ve changed that so now it’s basically a front-end to renting and buying movies on iTunes. And it is still not what people want, although more people will want it now. But there’s still no movies to get in the Danish iTunes Music Store, so I certainly still don’t want it. I want a Mini instead.

Then there was the new features for iPhone, which was again irrelevant since there’s no iPhones officially on sale in Denmark. It was nice that there was some new apps for the iPod Touch though, I’ve already upgraded mine.

But what was much more interesting to me was the introduction of the Apple Time Capsule. I've preordered a 1 TB model, and they “… estimate your order to be shipped on or before 29 Feb, 2008.” Long wait.

I’m very curious as to how the Time Capsule works, because Time Machine can’t use a normal network drive, it has to have a /dev/disk* entry to work with. My guess is that Time Capsule use something like iSCSI, but it could be something else, because several computers can make backups to the same filesystem at once. I’ll be tcpdump’ing away when I get it.

The original plan was to buy an AirPort Extreme and an external 1 TB drive for backup, but luckily the drive was backordered, so I just cancelled it. For backup I wanted to use CrashPlan, and that’s still a distinct possibility, it’s complementary to Time Machine, and it could be nice to have an encrypted offsite backup of the most important things, like photos, keychains, PGP Keys and so forth. The irreplaceable things that we will really miss if the house burns down or everything is stolen, basically.

Our home is getting completely Apple infected. I hope that's not a bad thing.

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