Currently I’m at what would be a great weight for me if I was normal and didn’t think about sports performance, 87 kg and 13-14% body fat, according to my fancy bathroom scale.

But since I’d like to go as fast as possible in triathlons I’m pretty sure that going down to about 6% fat would be ideal, perhaps a little less. In other words, just about 80 kg. That happened to be my race weight when I peaked athletically in 1997 with my 10:07’17” Ironman distance time.

And there’s a lot to gain by loosing weight, apparently it’s 1.37% in running and 0.93% on the bike per kg weight lost, provided there’s no loss in power output. And I’m a little sceptical about that figure for cycling, it is very dependent on terrain, the hillier the course the more there is to gain from weight loss.

Next thursday I’m racing Holstebro Triathlon, a short 650 m swim, 30 km bike and 7 km run sprint distance race. I plan to swim in 11 minutes, bike in 56 minutes, run in 32 minutes plus transitions. Loosing 7 kg would save me about 3’30” on the bike, 2’45” on the run. That’s quite a lot of training I’d have to do to get that much faster, so losing weight is just so much easier. Kind of. It’s actually quite hard to do, but It’s unlikely I’ll get substantially more time to train anytime soon, hence loosing weight is the thing that I can do to maximize my performance.