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Last Triathlon for 2008


I haven't had much luck racing this year. Not that I've had a busy schedule, planning for 3-4 races, but for the season debut in Holstebro my health failed me, and for Nexelman I didn’t find a ride. It’s was one of the approximately 3 times per year I’d have loved to have a car.

But on the 24th of August I’ve entered Hillerød Triathlon, the short race with a 500 m pool swim (good, since I still don’t have a wetsuit), 38 km bike ride and 10 km run. And we have my in-laws’ car here that day, a VW Transporter, with ample room for a bike and up to three people.

This time it must not fail, I’d really hate to go a full season without validating my training with racing.

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