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DRM? Just say “NO!”


DRM still sucks: Yahoo Music going dark, taking keys with it.

Yahoo had an online music store (I didn't even know) selling DRM infested music downloads. Since they're closing down they're also closing the license servers down, which means you can't authorize the music to play on the new computer you will surely need in a few years time.

DRM systems are downright evil and should be avoided whenever possible.

I have a little DRM infested music from iTunes Music Store, and I haven't suffered under that yet. I have promised myself that I won't buy any more DRM infested music, only iTunes Plus with its better quality and no DRM.

And then I will always prefer buying directly from the artists whenever possible, like Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead. I see no reason to give money to the leeches in the recording industry, only the artists.

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