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Ergomo on a Mac


I've been using a small Windows ThinkPad only to get the data off my Ergomo bicycle powermeter and into WKO+ for a while. I used to use Microsoft Virtual PC 7 on my old PowerBook G4, where I had to restart a download up to a dozen times before it got through. It really sucked, and the performance was horrible.

When I got my MacBook Pro I promptly bought VMWare Fusion 1.1 in the hope that it would Just Work™. It didn't, not even when following the instructions from TrainingPeaks themselves, or after upgrading to the Fusion 2.0 Beta version.

But after upgrading to VMWare Fusion 2.0 Beta RC1 yesterday it really Just Works! So now I can use my virtual Windows as originally intended. At last.

But there's a cheaper and better way, if you like your data accessible in an open format.

For those who don't want or have WKO+ ($99), a Training Peaks account ($119/year) and VMWare Fusion with Windows, or who just don't like proprietary binary data formats, you only really need a USB→Serial adapter. I can only recommend the Keyspan USA-19HS, it's a little ugly and bulky, but in my experience it works with anything on a Mac.

This method works with all devices supported by Device Agent.

  1. Read the installation instructions for your USB→Serial adapter, and follow them.
  2. Download and install Device Agent.
  3. Run Training Peaks Device Agent, enter some bogus username and password and select your serial device (“Port”), somthing like /dev/cu.USA19H1d1P1.1.
  4. Quit Training Peaks Device Agent.
  5. Copy ~/Documents/Device Agent/DeviceAgent.plist to ~/Documents/Device Agent/DeviceAgent.plist.xml, or some other location, for backup.
  6. Edit ~/Documents/Device Agent/DeviceAgent.plist and change the uploadTo key from to something like, so it will always fail.
  7. Run Training Peaks Device Agent again, download from you Ergomo, click “Upload” and watch it fail with the message “Unable to contact site. Please try again later. Version failed with code: 21.”
  8. Quit Training Peaks Device Agent.
  9. Now your data is left in ~/Documents/Device Agent/temp.xml, and it's an easily parsed XML file. Copy it somewhere safe so it's not overwritten by the next download.
  10. Delete ‘CyclingPeaks.raw’, ‘History.plist’, ‘temp.xml’ and ‘*/*.unsent’ in ~/Documents/Device Agent, so the system is ready to fail to your advantage again.
  11. Enjoy your free (as in freedom) data.

You can still import the temp.xml file directly into WKO+ or upload it to if you have a subscription there, just rename it to whatever.pwx first.

I really hate how the .wko file format of WKO+ is impossible to get data out of. Running strings(1) on it reveals some of the statistical data and comments, but I've been unable to decipher the rest of my binary data in there.

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