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Training — Winter 2008-2009


This is a follow up on my previous post. This is the remedies, in a very undetailed kind of way.

Gordon just posted an article about real world marathon training, which is basically about everything but the training itself, in other words, the real important stuff. I should perhaps write out some sort of plan about that too, because that is where I've spent the majority of my energy, but I need to think it through first.

Overall, consistency is key. It really doesn't matter how much I train, it only matters that I do it every week, without getting sick, injured or stressed.

Also, I should sleep more.


I have not used my triathlon club at all until now. This must change, and I want to use my swim training to do that.

Besides, that'll sure save me from some bad habits and keep my motivation up, because I have a tendency to think that I prefer to train alone, when in fact I have more fun training with others, at least occasionally. And swimming through the winter is a great opportunity to train with others.

I'd love to do 4 sessions per week, but more realistically 3 will be hard enough to get time for.


I don't even have a turbotrainer at the moment. I should get one soon, because I'm definitely not going to do any training outside in the winter.

I'm really not too worried about my cycling, as long as I get started training around new year I'll be alright with just 3 sessions per week.

I might do one session on the turbo trainer for drills and tests every week through the season, it's very effective training, and very time efficient.


I'll be running a lot with the stroller bringing or fetching Tobias in kindergarten. It's a great and extremely time efficient way of getting my training done, seen in the grander perspective of being a family, although I find it impossible to run strides with the stroller.

The only really important run I'll be doing year round is a long run every week, 1:30' or more, depending on my needs. I'll be using Bobby McGee's walk-run protocol, as it works splendidly for me.

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