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New Job


Late August I was contacted by PreviewNetworks (named PlayNetworks at that time, they had to change name for legal reasons). They had found my CV on my website, and wanted to hear if I was perhaps interested in working for them.

Long story short; I will have my first day of work in my new job as “System Manager” on 2009-02-02 for PreviewNetworks, just a short walk from home.

It is sad to have to say goodbye to the TELMORE crew, but over the last year I've grown steadily more and more impatient and annoyed, ending up with symtoms of stress and a general feeling of unhappiness with everything, and no real solution in sight for the foreseeable future. I had very little joy in my work, but I still enjoyed spending the time at work with my colleagues, it still felt like hanging out with good friends.

But it had to end I realized, and with my new job I not only get what I perceive as better things to do at work, I get another free hour of time every day saved on commuting, and I won't have to deal with trains running late etc. And my new colleagues seem like very nice people too.

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