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Last Day at TELMORE


Today was my last day at TELMORE, I now have a weeks vacation before I start in my new job.

It felt weird gradually disabling myself. I changed the passphrase on my PGP key and wrote that in our shared PGP encrypted password file, encrypting the file to everyone but myself, then committing it to subversion. Then I revoked my PGP key and removed all SSH keys from the servers.

A colleague then disabled firewall access and my UNIX account. Then I configured the autoresponder in Outlook and shut my workstation down. When I shut down Outlook for the last time it crashed, as it so often does, so I sent one more error report to Microsoft as I figure it will cost them some diskspace storing it (I don't expect them to fix bugs). Very fitting. I will enjoy my new worklife in a completely Windows free environment.

Then my AD account was disabled and I turned my keycard and keys in.

It was all very symbolic for me in a “this is really the end” kind of way. Very bittersweet.

Completely unable to work anymore I started drinking.

I got to say goodbye to many of my colleagues as I shared my stash of quality beers, and I had sent out a very good farewell mail to the whole company just after lunch.


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