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Aerobic Run Test 2009-03-25


Had been up for almost an hour before. Had a banana and a very small bowl of full grain müsli (around 60-70 g I'd say) 30-40 minutes before I started. Normal run routine is a triple espresso and an apple and/or banana, but espresso wasn't available today.

Took yesterday off from training, I had a strong need to hang out with my family instead of going for a swim.

Weather at CPH airport, ~10 km away:
05:50: -3.1ºC, 2 m/s SE, 1004.9 hPa, no clouds.
07:30: -2.3ºC, 3 m/s SE, 1004.0 hPa, no clouds.

It was a beautiful sunny morning.

Start at 06:08:55, ran (and walked) for a total of 1:13'29".

Test course was four laps around “Solstriben”, and the protocol was one lap each at 130 bpm, 145 bpm, 160 bpm and 175 bpm.

Missed the lap button on my watch on the first lap in the first try, so that lap got a little longer, ~4 m, and the next a little shorter.

  1. 2.290 km: avg. HR 133 bpm, lap time 17'11", pace: 7'30"/km.
  2. 2.282 km: avg. HR 144 bpm, lap time 14'43", pace: 6'27"/km.
  3. 2.286 km: avg. HR 161 bpm, lap time 12'24", pace: 5'25"/km.
  4. 2.286 km: avg. HR 176 bpm, lap time 11'05", pace: 4'51"/km.

On lap #1 I was thinking “OMG I'm running so slow, and I'm freezing. Go slow, go slow... keep the heart rate down.” It's extremely challenging running at 70+ bpm below max heart rate for me. On lap #2 I was still cold, but it almost started to feel like running. Lap #3 was nice. It was how I'd run if I'd “just run” like most people do. On lap #4 I thought “Gee, I can't remember the last time I went this fast” to myself. Fun & hard.

Very neat line between the first three points, but the last one is a little too low. I think I could almost finish a ½ marathon at that speed though.

Good aerobic test. Coach Gordon says I have a lot to gain at the low end of the spectrum, and I agree, so I'll keep plugging away at that.

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