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Aerobic Run Test 2009-06-14


Weather at CPH airport, ~10 km away:
20ºC, 9 m/s W, 1012 hPa, partly cloudy.

It was a beautiful and windy day.

Start at 11:57:58, ran for a total of 2:00’02".

Test course was four laps around “Solstriben”, and the protocol was one lap each at 130 bpm, 140 bpm, 150 bpm, 160 bpm, 170 bpm and 180 bpm.

  1. 2.286 km: avg. HR 131 bpm, lap time 16’08", pace: 7’03"/km.
  2. 2.286 km: avg. HR 141 bpm, lap time 14’48", pace: 6’28"/km.
  3. 2.286 km: avg. HR 151 bpm, lap time 14’00", pace: 6’07"/km.
  4. 2.286 km: avg. HR 162 bpm, lap time 13’03", pace: 5’43"/km.
  5. 2.286 km: avg. HR 171 bpm, lap time 12’30", pace: 5’28"/km.
  6. 2.286 km: avg. HR 182 bpm, lap time 11’44", pace: 5’08"/km.

The last aerobic test I did I ran at 7’30"/km @ 130 bpm, but another protocol. Here’s the results:

  1. 2.290 km: avg. HR 133 bpm, lap time 17’11", pace: 7’30"/km.
  2. 2.282 km: avg. HR 144 bpm, lap time 14’43", pace: 6’27"/km.
  3. 2.286 km: avg. HR 161 bpm, lap time 12’24", pace: 5’25"/km.
  4. 2.286 km: avg. HR 176 bpm, lap time 11’05", pace: 4’51"/km.

This is going the wrong way.

What I think happened was that I was stupid and ran the whole test without drinking anything. That’s something I can fix. I also ran Taastrup Løbet last tuesday at an average heartrate of 180 and average pace of 4’42"/km, and this is probably the clearest indicator that this test isn’t showing a true picture.

Running a warm-up and then a 13.2 km test in pretty warm weather might be too much, maybe I should run a shorter loop at each HR, or use larger HR jumps between laps. On the other hand, this is a solid aerobic and endurance test, and great training. It is certainly making me stronger.

I’ll sleep on it now, perhaps update tomorrow with what I find out when I think it through. Because right now it’s 21:50 and I’m dead tired and will go to sleep ASAP, sleeping in my compression tights.

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