I’ve finally had the time and energy to get a good hacking run done on this site. It was getting quite old having a plain XHTML 1.1 site with zero styling.

The first step was converting the site to HTML5, which was pretty easy, I was greatly helped by a simple template containing the bare minimum for a HTML 5 document. Especially the HTML5 Shiv is important for Internet Explorer support.

I have tested in the latest versions of Firefox and Opera on both Mac and Windows XP, IE 8 on Windows and of course my own main browser, Safari, on Mac, and it works fine. It’s not the most complicated markup or CSS, so it’s pretty easy to make it work in all browsers.

I have been looking at Blueprint CSS and 960.gs for the layout, but I must admit they seem like overkill for such a simple site as this. It will change with time, but so far, simple is best.

So, I’m pretty happy with it now, I just need some more content, I’ve always had a Curriculum Vitae (Rèsumé) online, so I need to get that done, and a good “about” page would be nice too. Thanks to jekyll—a static site generator–it’s very easy adding and editing content, and I get to write it in Textile, which I like a lot. So I am now blogging like a hacker, and I like it.