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Implanted Electronics


Finally, Technology delivers! A blood powered bluetooth touch screen display implanted under the skin on the forearm. Awesome!

Of course they only talk about it like a glorified BlueTooth headset in the link, and that is certainly a possibility, but far more can be done with that kind of technology.

I have often wanted something like that, combined with an implanted heartrate sensor and lactate sampler. Other sensors could be added, off the top of my head: testosterone, cortisol, melatonin, one or more catecholamines, glucose and fatty acids in the blood. Nobody knows what a sample every 5 minutes for a year of those things can show because it has never been done, it has never been practical.

Of course it would be logical adding ANT+ capability to collect data from external devices like bikes with speed, cadence and power sensors, GPS and barometric altitude sensors etc. Anything can be done. Interfacing with a mobile phone is just the obvious and boring possibility.

I do not like the always on nature of the BlueTooth interface, since BlueTooth security isn’t the best there is, so a hardware off-switch would be nice, and I’d like the transmission from the sensors in the body to be wired too. There are certainly other security concerns with a device like that, but too little info to do better than guessing. Some variant of TEMPEST or keyboard eavesdropping (video #1 & video #2) must be possible to develop.

Next step is splicing something into the nerve paths or brain to present sights and sounds directly to the brain. Baby steps has been taken, but it is still a long way off.

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