I was originally training for Brussels Marathon on October 4th, but from how my fitness was progressing Gordo said that I’d be better off getting more running into my legs before attempting it. Not that it would ever be a problem finishing a marathon as “…we know you are super tough in races so you’d be able to get an early marathon done.” as Gordo wrote.

The general outline now is as follows:

  • Improved nutrition, mainly replace sugar with healthy alternatives, more vegetables and protein, real food
  • Consistent training, build my capacity for steady training
  • Execute a sub 1:40 half marathon
  • Then start training for a full marathon

With this kind of outline, a realistic timeline is to go for Copenhagen Marathon 2010 on May 23rd 2010. In order to do that I need to build my capacity to cover 40+ km within a 24-hour period, and I plan to do that at least 3 times before May 1st 2010, plus a total running volume of 10 hours/week in April.

It is worth noting that I do all my training as two hard weeks, then one easier week where I cut back by 20% or so to consolidate my fitness. So training 10 hours per week in April really means traning 10 hours for 2 weeks, then around 8 hours for one week. Repeat until ready or it’s time for a taper.

I don’t really plan to do any races in that period, except for the half and full marathons, but I might find it beneficial at some point.

This last week I’ve slacked off completely, so now I’m hungry for some training again. This week—and perhaps the next—I will just get into it, then start in a 7-hour basic week and experiment with some 200 m intervals with long recoveries with drills on the advice of Alan Couzens, as it seems I have some metabolic challenges that prevent me from burning as much fat as I’d like to, and those intervals will help with that.