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Autumn Equinox


Now is the autumn equinox. From now on there’s more night than day, and it’ll only get better efter December 21st.

It is a little depressing, but also means it’s time for long dark evenings watching movies or reading, and a generally lower activity level. And more sleep, at least I always find I need a little more sleep in the winter than in the summer.

It is also time to get my light therapy lamp out, as I find it helps my mood and energy a lot in the dark part of the year, especially in late December and January where it’s less than 8 hours of daylight every day, and has been so for a while. Dark when you go to work, dark when you come home again.

Winter is the time for reflection and, for me, study. Summer is where I get out more. And outside more.

What do you do to keep sane through winter?

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