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Last day @ Preview Networks


Things are happening. Lots. That’s why I’ve been rather quiet here for a while.

The Future is bright, but…

On 2009-07-31, the last friday in July (the annual System Administrator Appreciation Day, ironically), I was laid off, due to the economy, both in the world in general, and in the company. That day was also the last day before my summer vacation, so it was much less fun than it should’ve been.

With three months notice it means that today I had the last day of work at Preview Networks, and I’m glad it’s over. It is very hard keeping ones enthusiasm up when there’s no future in it. I kind of managed for a good while, but the last month has been a total drag.

I am sure getting laid off is a blessing in disguise for me and my family, it’s just the transition that’s killing us. I’ve been real close to getting a job twice, but no contract yet. Those who did not hire me did so at their own peril.

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