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Influenza Pandemic, day 1


Yesterday the news got out, the H1N1 pandemic arrived in Copenhagen. That was day 0.

I’m still not infected.

Today is another rainy day, people stay inside and try not to get infected. I only had to go shop for food, replenishing my stocks so I can weather the pandemic and get through unscathed. It was a calculated risk, there are other people at the supermarket, each one possibly spreading the disease, but on the other hand I need food to survive. I’d feel stupid surviving the pandemic and then die from starvation.

Another dangerous moment was when the postman (poor guy, talk about a high risk job!) delivered a package. It was my Malulani Estate coffee, espresso grind, from Coffees of Hawaii. The package also contained a visor, so I’m writing this drinking excellent espresso and looking real stylish in my visor.

Later today my wife and kids travel to Holstebro to keep them out of harms way, while I stay behind and secure our property. I wish I had some guns, but I don’t. I’ll have to protect myself with my knife, hope it’s enough.

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