I just sent this email to the global Polar helpdesk:

Dear Polar

Here’s a product I hope you’ll create, you could call it the CS800: a bike computer about the same as the CS600X, but with much more memory (enough for all channels [GPS, power, cadence etc.] @ 1 sec. samplerate for at least 6 hours) and ANT+ compatability so it can use PowerTap, SRM, Quarq and the coming MetriGear powermeters along with your own sensors.

Because frankly, your own powermeter isn’t too good. Hard to mount and adjust, and a real eyesore, not something you’d mount on a beautiful bike.

It would compete well with Garmin, and look much nicer.

It would probably have to be a bit larger than the CS600, but that’s all right. The large memory is much more important.

Kind Regards
Morten Liebach

Just imagine how cool it would be to use the excellent Polar products with accurate and userfriendly powermeters.

If you agree, please follow suit, and tell Polar about it. I’d love to use a combination of the above device and an RS800CX RUN for triathlon, it would be the very best possible in my opinion, in combination with the Polar ProTrainer 5 software.