I came across this blogpost: Guidelines for Survival Under Socialized Medicine.

It’s an email (probably) from a friend of the blogger, I’m guessing he’s Swedish, but I don’t know, and is a reaction to the healthcare reform in the United States. It starts quite bombastic:

Folks, socialist medicine is likely inevitable in the United States. I think that it will either be implemented by means of sweeping bills like the one now approved by the House, or by a continued gradual strangulation of freedom in healthcare. The trends towards fascism and socialism have grown increasingly stronger over generations, and little will change their essential trajectories in our lifetimes. (I hope to be proven wrong.)

… OK. That almost set off my lunatic alarms.

Go read though, there are some good points following that quote. I especially like the point that “…the worst aspect of socialist medicine is that medicine as a rational science is epistemologically destroyed by eliminating the role of the doctor as a sovereign, independently thinking, professional.” I agree. I think I’d be very frustrated as a doctor working in the Danish healthcare system, because I’d have an uncharacteristic interest in keeping people healthy and happy, not just curing them for whatever they come and see me for. That’s probably how almost all good doctors see it, but all the rules give them no freedom to do the right thing.

My experience with the very socialist Danish healthcare system has been that it works very well if I get run over by a car, or get tackled by a rollerskater when riding my bike (that really happened, lots of blood and the worst concussion ever. It taught me to ride with a helmet, always), but when I want to have a holistic healthcheck and help with staying healthy for the rest of my life I’m completely left to my own devices. I have even sat there talking to my doctor and asked him why I had little colds and being slightly sick almost every month, and basically been ignored! Not that I expected a clear answer, but I did expect some interest and some questions to uncover more information. Instead I got nothing.

Since then I have been slowly unraveling the puzzle that is me and my health, ultimately my longevity and happiness, and it has become abundantly clear to me that the “healthcare” system offers me nothing, and is in fact downright lying on some points, most notably when it comes to exercise and diet advice.

Oh! I just relized that I pretty much agree with the guy up above. Surprising.