I’m giving away some books.

In English:

  • Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, by Aaron Hillegass, ISBN 0-321-21314-9
  • Agile Web Development with Rails, 1st edition, Dave Thomas & David Heinemeier Hansson, ISBN 0-9766940-0-X
  • Beginning Visual C#, Karli Watson, ISBN, 1-86100-758-2
  • Programming ASP.NET, Jesse Liberty & Dan Hurwitz, ISBN 0-596-00171-1
  • Mac OS X Tiger Edition, David Pogue, 0-596-00941-0
  • Going Long, 1st ed., Joe Friel & Gordon Byrn, ISBN 1-931382-24-7

På dansk:

  • Objektorienteret Analyse & Design, Lars Mathiassen et al., ISBN 87-7751-153-0
  • Organisation, 3. udgave, Poul Erik Christiansen et al., ISBN 87-90701-49-6

Most of the books are like new, some really are new, they’ve just been collecting dust, and that’s why I’m giving them away. Send me an email specifying which book(s) you’d like and when you’ll come and pick them up.

UPDATE: No takers, so they ended up in the paper container.