Liebach v3.0 alpha

10 Years Online


Around this time, 10 years ago, I was creating my first homepage.

I used the hostname for the static IP my ISP, Stofanet, gave me and running it on my Linux PC. Sometimes I rebooted down into Windows 98 to play Quake II

I think the site was just index.html, about.html and contact.html plus a stylesheet. I used Netscape 4.x and was a pretty early adopter of CSS and XHTML, the latter had just become an official recommendation at that time, although the very first iteration was HTML 4.01 as far as I remember.

So, happy 10-year anniversary to this site. Althought it has had several names, it has been one long progression for me as the author. And I am happy to say that this blog contains everything I’ve ever blogged since I started blogging in 2003, for better or worse.

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