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92 Specialized Transition Pro


Someone mercifully scanned and uploaded the 1992 Specialized catalogue. I vividly remember seeing that catalogue and the Transition Pro model (page 26). The link is to the German language version of the catalogue, the one I remember is the english version, which had a centerfold of a fit looking babe on a Transition Pro who looked like she’d spent an inordinate amount of hours in the saddle.

It was my first year of triathlon, and I loved how cool that bike looked. I still think it looks great, especially the wheels. Nowadays they’re called HED H3, and they still rock, their shape completely unchanged since then as far as I know, only the finish and decals have changed. I can’t think of any other kind of aero equipment with that sort of longevity.

The frame was a pretty normal looking Cr-Mo frame, probably True Temper tubes, with a very modern 78º seat tube angle and aluminium fork. I tried a Specialized Allez steel bike back then; it was extremely comfortable and well behaved, an experience I’ve always had with quality steel bikes, but to this day I haven’t owned one myself, and I probably should.

Even those 1992 Specialized aerobars look oddly modern with their s-bend shape. Bear in mind that back in those days all other aerobars had a roughly 35º-50º ski-bend.

The gear levers are standard downtube levers mounted on an adapter on the aerobar so they’re right next to your hands instead of out in front like bar-end levers. Syntace still makes something like that, along with Profile. I used the Syntace model for a season or two with a C2 aerobar, and I still think it’s the best placement for gear levers on aerobars. Syntace really should make their aeroshifter compatible with the C3 for a ergonomically perfect setup in my opinion.

To this day I still think a round-tubed steel or titanium frame with those 3-spoke wheels and an aerobar look at least as cool as a Cervélo P3 does. Preferably with pursuit type base bar instead of the drop bars, but otherwise essentially like the old 1992 Specialized Transition Pro.

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