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Train Travel Thoughts


With Mette Marie and the kids now living in Trige and me in Copenhagen I get to travel a lot back and forth on the week-ends by train, 2-4 week-ends per month.

I like travelling by train, I always enjoy the view. The railroads are always passing through the prettiest parts of the country. Then I sit and let my thoughts drift out into the landscape, picturing myself running and cycling through it on all the cool roads and paths that I see.

As the train travels along the south coast of Vejle fiord I inevitably think back to the, in my mind, legendary Vejle Triathlon. It was the first ¼ Ironman race I did on June 6th 1993, and the first open water race on the Danish triathlon calendar back then. The water was cold, and smelled/tasted of the exhaust from the boats that had been sailing through just before the gun went off. Then on to a completely flat first 10 km of the bike, and then, Bam!, you hit Munkebjerg, one of the nastiest hills in the kingdom. Loved it.

Last I looked, Vejle Triathlon was just a shadow of its former self with a pool swim, shorter distance, and no more munkebjerg.

Back on track, litterally… I especially love that DSB has been running a campaign with free internet on the Copenhagen—Århus route where I travel, but it’s ending in a few days. Sadly.

And today I’m travelling to Holstebro instead, currently between Vejle and Herning, where there’s no internet coverage for the train. I manage. Barely. Just don’t know when I can upload this.

I’ll just enjoy the less familiar views and look forward to spending 29 hours and 45 minutes with my kids. And my mother, sister, nephews and aunt. Will be great.

And just now the train stops at my childhood town of Brande.

Update: Minutes before scheduled arrival in Herning the train stopped and it was announced that there were problems in Herning and the train would return to Brande where a bus would pick us up. That bus never arrived, instead we got on the next train and arrived about an hour late in Herning, all in all I’ll be just over an hour late in Struer. (Just now passing a part of the Herning Triathlon course…)

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