Liebach v3.0 alpha

Do you like helvetica?


I do.

I saw Gary Huswit’s Helvetica movie a year or two ago. I liked it a lot.

And I thought of that, and I tried—just as an experiment—to remove all the fancy Typekit fonts and just using Helvetica Neue. And I liked it a lot.

So now my font stack reads ‘"helvetica neue", helvetica, sans-serif;’, nice and simple. And the site has become significantly faster because there’s no web font to download first.

In the process I also removed TweetBoard because noone ever seemed to use it (same reason I removed comments. I guess noone is reading, which is perfectly OK, of course). And then it kind of took off from there and I changed colors and a few little details that tended to bother me.

In the end I think it turned out really well. Just a nice simple minimal content centered design.

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