Liebach v3.0 alpha

This Blog's Future


I’m growing increasingly annoyed with my blogging. I have plenty of ideas but I feel this blog is not the rigth platform for all of them.

In other words, I need to split things up and run 2 or more blogs focused on specific subjects, instead of this one which is all over the place. I’ll keep this content in place of course. Static content is remarkably easy to manage.

Then would probably just end up as a busines card type pretty front page linking to my other activities, and of course all the old content would still be in place and linked, just less prominent than now.

The hard part is where to draw the lines. I suppose the appropriate lines will make themselves apparent as I review my backlog of blog posts in the last 2-3 years.

But right now, I’m mostly just getting settled in my new Life v2.0, which is great. A new apartment and a new job which is pretty exciting (and with great colleagues), so it’s all good. Although my colleagues did shock me today by not knowing what I was talking about when I asked about if anyone had a K&R lying around… but so far that’s the only serious negative.

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