Liebach v3.0 alpha

Serendipitous Syncronicities


The 1st:

Since I started my new job I take the bus home, after dark, every day, on a very dark street. It’s hard for the bus driver to spot me and I don’t normally carry anything just remotely reflective. So I got the idea that the bus card should just have a reflective surface integrated in the design, so you already have it when you need it.

The day after I had that idea, the bus driver asked me if I didn’t have something reflective because I was hard to spot in the dark. I said no, and she gave me a little reflective sticker.

The 2nd:

Today I talked to a colleague about internet connections, and he mentioned Verdo as having some good fiber lines. I checked and they could not deliver to my address, according to their website, but I wanted to try and call them to hear if they had any plans.

An hour later Verdo called me… regarding electricity though. But still. I asked to get transfered to their tele support and got to ask them my question, and sadly there’s no plan for a 60/60 mbit fiber for me so far.

I’m getting a 30/8 mbit line from Fullrate soon though. No more mobile links for me.

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