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Review, Week 13, 2011


Yes, I know it’s monday now. But I had the kids this week-end, as I do every second week-end, so I didn’t have time or energy to sit down and write sunday evening. So every uneven week number I’ll publish this review on mondays.


I had my first 10000 m swim week in a decade. I am very satisfied with that.

Even though I did have he kids on the week-end—friday afternoon to monday morning—I managed 3 swims, 3 runs, 2 bike rides and a core stability workout. I had hoped/planned another bike ride and core workout, but I must realize that when I have the kids I can’t count on having the time or energy to get on the turbo trainer both saturday and sunday. Only one of the days is good, and what I’ll plan for in the future. I had planned a core workout in the week-end too — don’t know what I was thinking…

The way I train when I have the kids is that when they have fallen asleep I set up the turbo and then it’s a one hour session. No movie or music or anything, I must be able to hear if they wake up while I ride (they haven’t yet). It works well so far.

So I’m stil learning how to organize my training within and around my life. It’s the largest part of the battle really.

I am always inspired by Gordo’s Real World Marathoning part 1 and part 2, and lots of Gordo’s other writing, but these two links are a good place to start.


I had a busy week. Busy in a good way. One of the indicators of a busy week is that I didn’t play Half-Life 2, or any other games, at all, without even trying not to. That’s good. Not because playing games is bad at all, but when I play it means I’m not working towards something more worthwhile.

From the training this week I also gained some energy. I was physically tired of course, but the feeling of succeeding is great and addictive, a spiral of success.

One of the things I did was that I used TrainingPeaks to plan the training of the week, and then I got to do the training and check each days off. That’s a great feeling. So I’ll continue doing that.

Fetching the kids friday and delivering them again monday morning in kindergarten is becoming a lot easier, I know all the little tricks now, and exactly when the busses leave. It’s still stressful, not least emotionally, but this is for next weeks review.


Working kind of as planned the first 2 days of the week, then because just over half of the technical staff was gone (vacation, in the exotic Minnesota being shown new hardware, sick etc.) I did all 3rd level support the rest of the week.

Doing 3rd level support is kind of easy, and quite satisfying, you get to start something and finish it the same day, mostly. And you make a customer happy. It’s nice. But it does get kind of old after a full day or two of that. I was happy when the week-end arrived.

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