Liebach v3.0 alpha

Now With FreeBSD


I have now migrated to FreeBSD on this server.

The operating system installation was extremely easy, only trouble was that to install I had to boot into the Hetzner FreeBSD rescue system. It took my quite a while to figure out what was wrong, because I just expected it to work and couldn’t figure out why it did not answer on SSH. The remote console worked fine though, and showed me a kernel that complained about not being able to run in 64-bit mode on the CPU. Fair enough, the 32-bit rescue system worked. After that it was just smooth sailing, following the FreeBSD Installieren article. Just run the installimage command, then you’re prompted for the rest.

I goes without saying—but I’ll say it anyway—that the installation wipes the disk, so you’d better have a backup of whatever you want to keep.

After the installation I started uploading the backup and went to bed. This morning I got my geek on and started porting the apache configuration to FreeBSD, which was actually real easy to do, except for the default FreeBSD port httpd.conf which contains a default Deny from all statement that all virtual hosts of course inherited. It took me unreasonably long to find, I went looking everywhere else. Oh well… I know my Apache configuration very well now. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

I still need to set up cron jobs for updates and security audits, and fix the mail system to get mail to my mailbox instead of storing locally. I’ll do that this evening, because now the weather is beautiful, and I need to go and ride my bike. A lot. Outside. For the first time this year.

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