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Review, Week 14, 2011



My cycling is going somewhere now. Finally. We’ve had the first really warm days, which at this time of the year means anything around and above 15ºC.

I’ve spent the week-end riding my bike, 58 km saturday, 83 km sunday. All of it on my new ISM Adamo Road saddle. It remains to be seen whether it stays on, currently I’m getting used to it, then in a months time I’ll evaluate.

I’ve done almost 7 hours of cycling this week.

My running has been suffering, but I think that’s OK.

The only bad thing that happened this week was a day of absolute weakness friday. It felt like I was getting sick. I had planned a morning run and an afternoon swim, but I overslept by 2 hours with my iPhone on snooze every 9 minutes. And I can’t remember that… I must really have needed that sleep.

For the swim I just had nothing to swim with, only 1st and 2nd gear, and when the main set started I just couldn’t. So I quit at 1300 m only. Best thing I could’ve done I think, saturday I felt great.


Thursday to friday I caught myself in a negative stress related spiral. Retrospectively I think I should’ve seen it earlier, because it’s was a recurring pattern for me I’ve seen before, but I noticed that even when I realized what was going on it took me most of a day to get out of it and move in the right direction.

Also, I find it pretty interesting that I physically felt like shit friday. It was not that I was getting sick, as I first thought, it was that I was stressed out and unhappy.

It still seems like there’s some learning here for me about myself that’s just outside my grasp, yet. But I’m getting closer.


Still doing lots of 3rd level support stuff, but–to some extent–it’s mostly because my main project is kind of boring, mostly, so mentally I look for something else too often. I ought to focus a little more on the main thing, so it can be done and I can move on.

I’d call that a TODO item for next week, generally.

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