Two runs, monday and sunday, that was all. Everything in between was just too much, starting with feeling really tired and flat monday, after my big bike week-end last week, making me skip swim practice. This made me grumpy and I ended up taking a late FiveFingers run to compensate, and I was happy I did, but I did feel like I had a little asthma going on. First time in a year.

Then I was treated to a night of very little sleep between monday and tuesday because of work and being on call (see below). And I basically dropped the ball after that.

Friday to sunday I had the kids, and saturday I had the non-firmation of my youngest nephew to attend, so no time, energy or possibility of training then.

And all through the week I’ve felt slightly asthmatic. Nothing bad, but it gets a little annoying when training. And I have a dry cough.

I feel like I’m whining now, so I’ll stop.

The failed training-week was a planning failure, made worse by little mishaps on top. Big failures are always the result of a cascade of smaller ones.


The most social thing I did this week was going to my youngest nephew’s non-firmation. It was really great to see all of the family I rarely get to see, but unfortunately there were too many people in too tight a space for my taste, so I felt quite overwhelmed most of the time, having to look after the kids too.

There was a lot of kids of all ages, and Tobias had a great time running around playing with them. Clara mostly just sat on my arm all day, but she was happy too.

The kids lasted to around 21:00 when my cousin drove us home. It was real nice having a normal adult conversation with my best friend while the kids were asleep on the backseat. We also managed to find an error in the Garmin Nüvi map in Ry, and break it’s wayfinding algorithm. Fun stuff.


A week on call, sometimes OK, sometimes derailing all plans. Had one hell night of SMS’es from a flaky system that resulted in alarms at least once every hour. It’s just no fun when it’s like that.

Otherwise an interesting week of future stuff that I can’t talk about. It’ll be great.

I’ve worked at DanDomain for almost 6 months now, and I keep finding stuff I didn’t know about and learning new things. It’s great. Never a dull moment.

It also means I never feel like and expert in anything, and that I don’t like.

I’ll get to build a new product from scratch soon, and then I can start to feel competent at at least one thing. I’ll enjoy that.