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Review, Week 17, 2011


Awesome week of hard-core vacationing. And I beat Portal 2 too.



This week I finished my week long bike camp on wednesday with a 3-hour ride. I averaged 2 hours per day, doing some running and swimming around it, but focusing on the bike stuff. From thursday last week to wednesday this week I was on the bike every day.

I started out with the ISM Adamo Road saddle. I really wanted to like it, but after having spent more than 200 km on it I must conclude it’s not the right saddle for me. Sadly. So I dug up an old worn Selle Italia Flite that I had from back in the mid 90’ies sometime. Possibly the one I raced my ironman races on in ‘96 and ‘97.

I was very tired at the end of the camp, so it was a nice having just the kids to hang out with the next few days.

Saturday evening when I was home again I tried a run. 35 minutes of feeling heavy, slow and sluggish, and I was. Everything over 145 bpm was very hard, and it just didn’t work for me. I guess parenting takes a lot of energy, and together with a children’s birthday it just wasn’t my day.

And today I didn’t train. I got lost in hacking some code and … then got too late and I ate dinner. And then I finished Portal 2.

I suppose it was good slacking off. But I feel bad about it.


I’ve had a great week in two halves, each spent doing my favorite activities.

The first half I spent my energy training. The weather has been absolutely amazing, and all the hours spent on my bike in it has resulted in the most perfect cyclists tan (arms, legs and face only, slightly white around the eyes from the sunglasses). Exactly like it should be.

The second half I spent with my kids at my mothers house. It was more than 6 months since I last visited her, and I secured her new wireless network and set up her webcam so she can use it with Skype on the Ubuntu laptop I made for her.

It was nice having a little more time than a normal week-end with them, and not having to stress around fetching them from kindergarten and all that.

Tuesday was Clara’s 2-year birthday. I tried talking to her on the phone, but she’s only very rarely up to that, and she wasn’t this time. But we celebrated her with the closest family saturday.


I’ve been on vacation this last week, and I totally tuned out of work. Very good!

That said; I have my doubts about this section of my weekly review. I feel it can only be quite bland because I am not at liberty to discuss the interesting things I do in public. So I only discuss the mundane and boring stuff.

I try and evaluate my performance in more general terms, but the blandness prevails.

So my current thinking is to axe this part and keep a private work log/diary/evaluation thingie somewhere on my work PC.

So, bye bye “Work” section. You will not be missed. I think.

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