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Review, Week 18, 2011


Two days late… I’m busy and tired, but in a good way. At least that’s my explanation, and I’ll stick to it.


It’s been awesome.

Easy week-days, but then it was training week-end with the club in Silkeborg.

Apart from the obvious joy of hanging out with people that talk triathlon all the time, the great food and beautiful surroundings, I got some training done.

From friday at 15:00 to sunday around noon I did 3 bike rides, 177.6 km @ 27.9 km/h, 1:15 of running at a 5'56"/km average + 30 minutes of running drills and core training, and also a 1 hour swim.

It was really nice to ride with others for once. Saturday when the pace was really slow in the group I decided to bridge the 200-300 m up to two of the fast guys, Jonas and Mads, and succeeded. Then I just hung on. I made sure to take Jonas' wheel and just look how he did it. I’ve been away from triathlon-cycling for over a decade, I’ve gotten into some bad habits. In the future I’ll just try riding as even and nice as Jonas, it won’t be all bad then.

Rode strong with the same people going home sunday too.

The running was OK. The late friday evening run was a nice little progressive out and back run at half ironman race pace. Saturday I was really tired and I suspect that run only was run progressive because it was uphill out, downhill back. Learned some nice running drills and a little core training afterwards.

The swim was just an easy one for me. It was a 25 m pool, and it’s funny how that completely throws off my sense of distance. And it is so much easier to swim in a 25 m pool. But the water was nice and cool for swimming, much nicer than my usual swimming venue. Long warm up, drills, a continuous swim, and then 4x50 as a 2-man team relay with Jonas. And WE WON! That was real nice. It’s bloody hard swimming 4x50 max with 40 seconds rest or so, or however much Jonas used on his 50’ies. Long 300 m cool-down was needed after that.

Since I apparently can’t count as fast as I swim the laps in a 25 m pool I just approximate I did 2300 m, but I’m not sure at all.

A great week-end.

And if you ever need to stay in Silkeborg for a few days I can’t imagine a better place than Danhostel Silkeborg, nice place for a hostel, and excellent home-cooked organic food at very reasonable prices. Highly recommended.


Well, it was all about the training week-end. Love spending time with other triathletes, and you bond with people in a different and very good way when you train together.

It has been a great week in all respects.

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