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Review, Week 19, 2011



Felt rather flat for the first two days after the training week-end. Even in he monday swim I was 5 seconds slower than normal for the same percieved effort. Tuesday I did a 45 minute FiveFingers run with the middle 20 minutes as drills. Then some core strength including slow excentric calf raises, and that hurt for the next 3 days… but it does me good. It was just standard DOMP from being unused to those exercises.

from wednesday I felt OK, except for my calves, and thursday I had one of those epic rides where the weather is fine, and then it turns nasty. Rain, thunder and hail. I wasn’t hit too much by the hail, but I sure had to work to power my bike through the last few km in 2-3 cm of hail and flooded bike paths. I was ice cold, no feeling in my toes, but luckily only for the last 20 minutes or so.

Got a good one hour turbo session done saturday while Tobias was sleeping.


Quiet week. Until friday when I had Tobias only. I miss Clara, but it is nice from time to time to have only one of the kids and devote all my time to only one. Spent all saturday morning until noon just playing with Tobias, it was really great.

Then we went and bought groceries, saw a police marching band, and had lunch. And then he almost fell asleep while watching some favourite Star Wars movie clips on YouTube. So I put him to bed for a solid nap.

Sunday we went to Randers Regnskov and had a blast there. And lunch. And another nap, and quiet evening.

It was really awesome spending that much quality time with my little boy.

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