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Review, Week 20, 2011


In a dramatic break with the tradition of the last few weeks, this week I am actually on time posting this. Yay!


A weak training week. See below about divorce papers.

Only 3 workouts, but I really made them count.

Good monday swim, friday I ran easy for 1:40, with some strides at the end, and sunday I did a 2:25 bike ride with the last 2 hours at half ironman race pace, then a 45 minute run with the first 30 minutes at half ironman race pace, then easy jog the last 15 minutes.

It was very encouraging that I managed 31.3 km/h for the bike part, and 5:04/km for the run part at race pace. The bike course at Challenge Århus is probably a little harder than what I did.

Also, the last hour of the bike ride and all of the run was in pouring rain. I just had to keep on riding hard, otherwise I’d get cold, I was absolutely soaked. Very motivating.


Filed the final divorce papers wednesday. Very emotional. But glad that it is now done. In a few weeks—I hope—we are officially and completely divorced, just missing a little economical disentanglement and getting our old apartment sold (it’s rented out now).

Mette Marie texted me tuesday and said she had just sent the divorce papers, I got them the next day, signed and mailed them off at once. But it hit me quite hard, the final part of a dream that broke.

So it has been a slightly sad week, but in a positive way. Having closure on all that is such a nice thing.

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