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Review, Week 21, 2011



This week has sucked. Most days I’ve had to force myself out to train. Performance has been OK in the last half of the week, and it has been pleasant enough when I am training. Monday and tuesday was hard days.

Monday I just swam 1000 m, then I realized I had nothing more to give, and couldn’t possibly do the main set, or anything else, so I stopped. Always depressing to have to pull the plug like that. But I think it was a good thing I did.


I had a wonderful week-end with both kids. Everything went wrong.

Saturday I accidentally shut us out of the apartment, spent 2 hours exhausting all other possibilities before I had to call a lock-smith to get us in again. That was 120 € I would’ve liked to avoid spending. Luckily I had the kids in their shoes and clothes. Unluckily I only had shoes on, no jacket. Cold.

Later Tobias fell and hit his head hard. Not hard anough for a concussion, but I had quite a scare, and spent a while holding a cold pack to his head.

And in the evening just when I was about to start cleaning up the mess and make ready for the sunday, before I’d go to bed myself, Clara woke up and couldn’t possibly sleep on her own. She does that sometimes, but normally it’s in the middle of the night, not in the evening like this time. I even tried to sneak off when she was fast asleep, lightly snoring and everything, and it didn’t take more than a minute and I heard her come walking fast out of the bedroom calling for me… so I just resigned to go to bed before 21:30.

Good thing too. They woke up at 5:20 both saturday and sunday mornings.

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