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Review, Week 22, 2011


I think I’m starting a trend now, being on time publishing this on a sunday yet again, just as I intended when I started out.


The plan was to race Holstebro Triathlon on thursday this week. The plan was not to be on call this week, but monday I realized that the calendar at work said it was my turn. Too late to get out of that… so I tried to get someone to take over thursday during the day, and failed. I also tried finding someone with a car I could go with. Also failed. So in the end I had to cancel. A major disappointment. I was ready, but a huge planning fuckup on my part made it not happen.

I really want to get a race done before Challenge Århus, there’s Herning and Nationals in Fredericia next week-end, I’ll try and see what I can make happen. Fredericia would be awesome, it’s the same place I raced my last triathlon 14 years ago, a fitting welcome back race for me. If I can find someone to go with.

So, the training was rather easy in the beginning of the wekk as I though I should race. When that didn’t happen I went out and ahd 3 runs in one day, the first and last was 37 minutes, the middle one was 1:20 of 8 laps of a very hilly loop. Especially a nasty downhill section. All run hard. I still have a little hamstring soreness from that run now, 4 days later.

Friday I had a pretty good swim, especially given how I smashed myself running the day before, and saturday morning at 01:53 I got an alarm on call that took all my time ontill just before noon that day. I went home and slept the afternoon away. One day wasted.

Sunday I did a 104 km bike ride, mostly half ironman race pace, on an 8 km loop close to work, so I could be on my computer quickly if I got an alarm. Then I ran 3.2 km race pace off the bike and padded that with some easy jogging.

All of it was a dress rehearsal of the race, I used race tires, latex tubes, tri suit and everything else as I plan to do in the race, and I found a few bugs in the setup. Excellent. Better now than in the race.

I am also dialing in my exact pacing. So far the 5:35 I’m aiming for looks rather conservative. I think I can go faster.


I’ve been really annoyed by my bad planning this week. Stupid me. I can do better than that.

I also found it real hard to get into being on call again, it’s been 6 weeks since last time. But having worked on it now I actually realized I start to feel competent. It’s been real hard getting to know all systems well enough, so it’s been a struggle from time to time. I find it hard when I’m not feeling competent at what I’m working on, and it’s just really nice to get that feeling back now.

Wednesday I got Chris McCormack’s “I’m Here to Win”. Awesome book, I’m just over half-way through. Highly recommended for the triathlon geeks out there.

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