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Review, Week 23, 2011



Sunday last week I was out training for 4 hours in the sun in my tri-suit, and forgot sunscreen. Ouch! And very very stupid.

Because of my burned shoulders I could not sleep on my back. It was OK falling asleep on my stomach, but in my sleep I’d inevitably turn to lie on my back, which hurt, and then I’d wake up. So the first part of this week my sleep was abysmal.

Add to that the strain the skin trauma places on the body and I was very tired for a few days.

Monday I swam, tuesday I was too buggered to do anything, wednesday I swam again, and thursday I was starting to feel better, so I did a 1:30 run. Then I managed the swim friday but felt strangely tired and had a runny nose; thought that maybe my hayfever was acting up, but no, it was a cold that I had to nurse saturday, and then 10 hours of sleep and sunday I was, finally, at 100% again. Celebrated with a 3 hour ride, but no more. Being a little careful. And tomorrow is a holiday, so I can go long again.

Six days of being sub-par, then one good day… oh well, if it was easy it would be boring.


Boring week, chronically tired for the first half.

Got some long lingering post-divorce economical untangling done early in the week. That was a huge relief to finally get done. So, less stress on that front now.

I should’ve had the kids this week-end, but they got the chance to go to Sweden with their grandparents, which is always a great experience for them, so I’ll have to wait another 2 weeks to see them.

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