Not really the end, just a sort of end to make way for something new.

I've been rather unfocused on this blog for a long while, and I've realized it's mostly because it's going in a few different directions all at once.

  1. Nerdy things, web, programming, Unix and Mac stuff
  2. Triathlon, training, gear, nutrition and health
  3. Personal stuff (which could be in Danish)

That's the 3 main themes.

That's the 3 new blogs I'll start over the next year or so. One of them might be a continuation of this one, probably the number 3 one.

I also have this dream of creating the ultimate training blog for triathletes. That would most likely be combined with point 2 above.

And the nerdy blog—point 1 above—would be all new and shiny. That's the most exciting and most likely to be launched first.

So keep subscribed, I'll post details of whatever I come up with when I do it. No promises, of course.

Here's a list of all the old blog posts, all 666 of them. And I swear the number is a coincidence.