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2011 Review


About a year ago I declared my goals for 2011. Let’s go over the goals, one by one:

Build a social circle here in Randers, as right now I know noone outside work

The triathlon club is the hub of my social life, basically. Swimming 3 times per week and spinning once per week is great fun, and I do see people I know and say “Hi” when I’m out shopping and moving around town.

It’s a small thing, but going from never even having been to Randers before–except passing through–to living here it’s quite a big thing for me. It’s not easy bootstrapping oneself into a new community, socially. Especially for an introvert like me, which was why I made it a goal.

Either get the old apartment sold or rented out

It’s rented out for now and until april 15th. I hope we have a buyer by then, the price is definitely as low as it can be, a total bargain now. We’ll lose money, but it’ll be much more expensive to hang on to it much longer.

Drop 10 kg, getting to race weight

I have failed completely. I’m at the exact same weight I always was. I’m eating healthier, and feeling better, but with my athletic ambitions I need to get lighter. I might have dropped a little lard and gained a little muscle from the swimming, but that’s about it. I’m still too fat to be fast.

Start racing triathlons again — and of course, do the training

I raced Challenge Aarhus and had a blast. There’s nothing like racing and going as hard as you possibly can for a long time. I’ll do Challenge Aarhus and Challenge Copenhagen in 2012, and I’m looking very much forward to that.

Keep getting rid of belongings I don’t need; sell, gift or throw away

I’ve been doing some of this. Got rid of a bunch of books, and thrown a lot of old stuff out. There’s still more to do, but I guess there always is. This one will carry over into 2012.

Become a better cook, and learn to enjoy it

I’ve definitely improved. Even enjoyed cooking some more, but this is an ongoing project of mine, learning more.


3 successes, 1 failure, and 2 goals I’ll carry over into 2012 (getting rid of things and cooking). Actually 3 goals I’ll carry over into 2012, I still want to loose weight too. It’s not too bad.

2011 was a good year, especially compared to 2010, but a divorce is obviously no fun and it ruins the whole year, and I think 2010 was my most unhappy year ever, and that did carry over into the early parts of 2011. But from spring 2011 and forward I’ve been pretty happy with things and the way they were moving along, and I expect 2012 to continue that trend and be even better than 2011.

The big question mark in 2012 is whether the old apartment will get sold. I’m pretty sure it’ll feel like I drop the weight of the world off my shoulders when that happens, it’s a huge economical liability for me and my ex-wife, and we’d both really like to get rid of that.

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