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I Started Blogging Again


I’ve missed writing. So I have started using Posterous.

I wanted a new publishing platform, because even as cool and nice as it is to blog like a hacker with jekyll, I wanted something I could use from my iPhone. Something a little easier posting pictures to, still supporting hacker friendly features like source code higlightning, markdown and an API, should I need it.

And I got tired of having to fix obscure errors when I used syntax highlightning in jekyll posts. On more than one occasion I discovered, way after the fact, that my source code examples had been messed up somehow. In the end I gave up and wrapped code in <pre> elements instead. And that’s how I’ve left it.

Posterous also maintain a ruby gem for their API, and they have Markdown & Syntax Highlighting built right in. It couldn’t be easier.

The feed is now generated from Posterous, but the feed URL is unchanged. If you read this in a feed reader it just works, there’s nothing you need to do to stay subscribed.

So excuse the sudden flurry of posts, this being the 3rd in 48 hours, I’ve been writing too little for too long and need to get it out of my system.

Oh, and happy new year and all that too…

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