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0 Zero January Redux


I failed.

It went pretty well for a while, but after 2 really weak days I had to do damage control on the 11th to avoid crashing, and I’m still not sure what happened. And that’s the failure, and the danger of goals like this, one day of no training at some point and you’re done.

So when I on the 22nd had another zero I felt less bad about it, I had already failed the month. And then work started interfering in my training, disrupted sleep and general suckage.

And on the 26th I got sick, and I’m still not completely over it.

So, onto the learning part of this experience.

Getting sick and needing some downtime is always a possibility, and there’s no avoiding that sometimes. Especially when you have kids in kindergarten.

But the real interesting thing was the 11th. Monday the 9th I had to bail on the swim set, I had absolutely no extra gear. It was OK warming up, although I felt tired, and a few sets of drills was OK too, just harder than normal. But I had absolutely no ability to go faster when I tried. I just couldn’t. So did some easy 100’s and called it a day. Which was a good decision.

The day after I felt a little better running, but still odd. And then I completely failed training on the 11th, and I didn’t write anything down, but I do seem to remember having slept too little and not very well.

That’s one thing the otherwise excellent TrainingPeaks service is lacking, a textfield each day for some general comments, especially for days when you’re sick or just feel like you were run over by a truck and would like to save some comments about that for posterity. There’s lots to learn from that kind of records.

And of course there’s a gadget based solution too, something to record my sleep and upload to TrainingPeaks. A Zeo looks like a good solution.

It’s all about learning to keep the positive momentum going, something I’ve written about before. That’s the whole point of setting a goal like 0 Zero January. And the point of failing it is extracting as much learning from it as possible.

And apart from not getting sick, sleep seems to be a limiter for me, and to improve that a good trick is to start recording it. I generally sleep well, but I could use more sleep.

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