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Like just about everyone else, I have a sweet tooth. I even imagine I suffer more from it than most.

If I have candy I eat it, as quickly as possible, leaving nothing. I find it incomprehensible how some people keep a stock of candy in a cupboard somewhere. I certainly don't.

So I too often sabotage my own efforts of eating healthy, by eating healthy … and then go and buy loads of candy and munch it quickly, erasing all traces. That pretty much nullifies the healthy part of my diet, and makes me feel bad, both physically and psychologically.

There's one trick that works though: pop-corn.

Glass jar of corn, ready to be popped

Tastes good, is psychologically candy-like to me, and isn't too bad, health wise, just oil, corn, salt and heat.

So I make sure to have corn ready to pop at all times, it decreases my candy consumption by at least 50%, without too many calories and no sugar.

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