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I am pretty much OK again after having a nasty cold for a week.

Still weak, and I haven’t dared trying real training again, but both yesterday and today I’ve gone for walks, just to keep myself sane. I hate not having the energy to train for that long. 3-4 days is manageable, but a full week really sucks.

I’ve slept well, and for about 8 hours this night, but still I was so tired early in the afternoon that I had a headache and I was barely able to concentrate on work. Didn’t finish what I’d hoped, I just had to go home.

And now I’m home, zombie-like, and about to go to bed. 10+ hours of sleep sounds like just the right thing now.

I actually meant to write a review of John Douillard’s Mind. Body, and Sport that I finished yesterday, but I have only just begun that review. It’s a great book, and I want to do it justice by not posting some half-assed review.

And that book inspired me to get more into yoga again, helping me feel better, and it’s about the only thing I’ve had energy to do. That, and walking.

So, goodnight. I guess.

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