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Yesterday I had one of those really long workdays. From around 09:00 to 01:00.

The idea was that I'd be finished around 21:00 and could go home, but things went very wrong very quickly, and I was working hard trying to save a server a customer, or some random evil hacker, had somehow fucked up almost completely. And I failed.

And all the while I was just thinking to myself “I don't want to be here”, over and over. I hated it. I was working blind with no solution in sight.

And in cases like that it's extremely useful to have a professional support network, both for tech support, but also just to have someone who can relate when you need to bitch about something.

Like earlier that day on IRC, I bitched:

<Liebach> Just had a support case, involving the unholy trinity of absolute hell: Windows hosted desktop, Navision and printing.
<mk> Printing, jesus, are you ok?
<Liebach> I talked a supporter into calling the customer back. So I'll recover. In time.
<mk> Better go have a lie down.

Printing is just one of those things that when they don't Just Work™, it really, really sucks. Especially because users rely on it for various reasons (all of them bad in my opinion, what's wrong with PDF?), and they see it as something simple to fix. But it mostly isn't.

And thinking about this it suddenly occured to me that I have been on the #BSD-DK IRC channel on EFnet for more than 10 years. And it's still good. I've met a good number of people in that channel many times, worked with several, and been doing various nerdy grass roots things with some too.

Apart from my family, they, along with the crew, have been the longest standing group of people in my life. Ever. Not as close as family or close friends, but it is quite interesting how a loose group of rather hard-core nerds can stay in contact for so long, and form a pretty solid network.

So, thanks guys and girls. I love you.

The internet makes us more human.

PS: Sorry for missing my promised post yesterday. I was busy.

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