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40 × 50 Swim Set


One my favourite swim sets, actually my only favourite swim set, as it's the only one I've returned to many times, is this 40 ⨉ 50 set with pace changes.

It's a set I learned from the Endurance Corner swim library, scroll down to the “EC-S9_PC 50s Swim” heading.

I did this one today, except I'm getting old and my memory is failing, so I had 10 second rests all the way. He who does not remember must train harder. And I fail to see that as a bad thing.

With a 400 warm-up and a 200 m cool down it's a great little 2600 m session, and I did it in 51 minutes today.

Seriously effective, because you get a total of 800 m of fast swimming, and you get to enforce the habit of progressive swimming, it automatically and gradually gets harder and harder throughout.


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