I’ve always been repulsed by the whole bodybuilding aesthetic, the one that created the competitive Mr. Universe types.

But much in the same way I admire all the evil hacker types for their skill in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities, I admire bodybuilders for what they do.

Both groups are amazing and incredible at it. And completely wrong about it.

But there is much to learn from both groups for me. The nerdy & professional side of me can learn from the evil hackers, since I have to defend against them, and the bodybuilders can teach me a thing or two as a triathlete about hacking my body for optimal performance, and no, I am of course not talking about illegal performance enhancing drugs here, but about nutrition principles.

There are no group of “athletes”, and I use the word loosely here, other than bodybuilders, that spend so much time on the outer fringes of science to try and eke out the last little bit of whatever odd little cosmetic detail it is they’re after. And they learn odd little things, sometimes the hard way.

I love the example in the story from Chris McCormack’s I’m Here To Win, about how he learned to get more water into his cells prior to Ironman Hawaii, to minimize cramping, from bodybuilders. They know a thing or two.

So I occasionally consult bodybuilding sites, although it’s getting rarer. But I think I’ll try and turn pictures off in the browser the next time. It’ll make it more pleasant.