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New Job at PIL


On November 1st I start in my new job at PIL.

PIL has always been a well regarded company in my mind, a place where I’d love to work. So when a friend, who used to work for PIL, let me know that they were looking for someone, I was game.

The job is systemadministration, but in a pure FreeBSD environment, and with everything basically being done right, from the start, as far as I can tell.

Tools are written in perl and ruby, which just happens to be my 2 most favourite programming languages, and I look very much forward to get to use them more.

I’m very positive about it all.

So my future work life will be spent in the middle of my comfort zone, working with FreeBSD from my Mac, talking to colleagues on IRC and email, solving tickets in RT. Working like a hacker.

I like it.

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