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Loosing Weight


I’m on a diet to loose weight so I can actually start to be fit for real, not just fit and slightly chubby.

My dinner today:

A total of 369 kCal, 38% protein, 22% carbohydrates and 40% fat.

I also added some curry and other spices that I don’t weigh. I’m not obsessive after all…

I do it all in public. Feel free to snoop, and chastise when I suck at it. I can handle praise too.

So now I weigh all the food I eat at home, and just guesstimate what I eat when I’m out. Then I enter the numbers on and see instantly how much energy it is, macro nutrient energy breakdown etc. I’ve also configured it to show fat breakdown, saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, plus sugar. They’re the stuff most worth keeping an eye on.

Then I use the sites guesstimate of my basic metabolic rate, that I have a pretty inactive life and that I want to loose 1 kg/week. On top of that I log training and are allowed to eat 50% of the energy I burn training on top of the former.

So far it’s working.

Some days it’s hard, but mostly so on the days where I’ve not been training, like this last week where I’ve had a super nasty cold. Just a little training and I can eat a few hundred kCal extra, and I sometimes feel full. It’s great when it’s like that. So, more training, more food, more happiness. A positive spiral.

I don’t know for how long I’ll keep it up, just focusing on the process for now and focusing on eating the most excellent quality of food I can. And the occasional treat. Eg. the 80 g of candy I allowed myself today. It’s sunday. And I’ve been good. Really.

I read that Chris McCormack is about 180 cm and 78 kg at long distance race weight, and since he’s the closest to my body type and height in the upper echelons of long distance triathlon racing I’d say that’s what I’m shooting for too.

This is not to say that I think I’ll get down to 77 kg this time around (I’m 178 cm, 87 kg now), it could easily be a multiyear endeavour finding my personal ideal racing weight. But I bet I’ll find it somewhere below 80 kg.

When asked how long I’ll keep this diet up I replied “Until I’m sick and tired of it, I reach 78 kg or get a six-pack, whichever comes first.” She laughed. But I was only half joking.

So I’ll say the success criteria is 82 kg. I would love to get well under 80 kg, but we’ll see. I might get tired of restricting calories like this some time in January, but I’ll work really hard to keep it up until I hit 82 kg, no matter what.

For the record: I remember weighing around 78 kg when I was 16, 10 years later I was at 79.5 kg and raced my fastest Ironman (10:07:17).

And yeah, I want to go sub-10.

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