Liebach v3.0 alpha

Extreme Website Makeover


Back in march when Posterous was acquired it quickly became clear that it was a talent acquisition, and not because Twitter wanted to use and run the service. There was—and is—a clear sense that Posterous will be neglected and then eventually shut down.

And there has been no new functionality or anything, really, from Posterous since, so it was time to move before it started to suck.

I had also heard about Octopress and liked what I saw, so I started porting the content over. It took a few evenings and some very dirty scripting to sort it out, but I think I have succeeded. There’s a bunch of smaller things that I’ll get around to fixing up, mostly related to source code snippets that are not highlighted currently, but otherwise it is a complete record of my almost 10 years of blogging.

The design is the default Octopress design, because I can’t make anything better myself, and it is very nice anyway. I’ll probably end up making a few tweaks, but generally it is pretty as it is. Works great on mobile devices too.

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