I guess the euphemistic term is “laid off”, but I am not one for euphemisms.

It is quite a gut punch to get fired like that, even on an otherwise gorgeous august monday morning. My boss had requested a “meeting” (complete with the quotes around) the friday before, and I had a bad feeling about it from the start. And I was right like a Jedi.

There are no hard feelings whatsoever, either way. I can’t see how my boss could have kept me, but I also can’t explain the reasons in public without breaking confidentiality, so I won’t.

I am on gardening leave with pay until november 30th, so I have some time to find a new job. And enough time to first think real deep and hard about what it is that I want.

I now have a golden and wonderful opportunity, and I am going to make the most of it.

And I have updated my Curriculum Vitae now too.