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Reinvigorate your iPhone


My iPhone 5 is getting old, but I have given it a new lease on life.

The battery didn’t last for a full day of normal use, and most frustratingly, it wouldn’t charge unless I jammed the connector in real hard, at just the right angle. Lately not even that was enough, sometimes it would indicate it was charging, but the battery would still be draining. It was so incredibly frustrating.

Changing the battery myself was real easy, I got a new battery and toolkit from overnight, and just did it. Very easy.

But the charging still got progressively worse, until yesterday, where I simply couldn’t jam the connector in so it would charge.

That was incredibly annoying.

So I started looking for a solution, and found a list of things to try. The 7th thing to try was “check for lint”, and, lo and behold, there was a lot of lint that I could clear out, and then the phone would charge and connect to the Mac and everything, just like new.

Man did I feel stupid for not having found that out earlier. Would’ve saved me 2 months of frustration.

So, when electronics give you grief, check for lint first. And also, don’t be afraid of servicing your phone, just get the right tools for it before you begin.

Just imagine I had gone and bought a shiny new iPhone 6 just because of such a small thing…

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